Seers Digital and Pakistan’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom took the initiative to formally become a participant of Tech Week London –an annual feature that attracts 55,000 tech enthusiasts with a social media outreach of 297 million.

The keynote speaker of the event, High Commissioner Nafees Zakaria underlined that Pakistan has a 220m consumer market with 64% young population.It has a vibrant economy as its rapidly digitizing and has an ever growing appetite for technology and innovative services.

He said Pakistanis a preferred source of software developers, programmers, designers and business process outsourcing specialists and is ranked the 3rd most financially attractive location in the world for offshore services with more than 6,000 IT & Allied companies currently registered.

Pakistan is also ranked as the 3rd most popular country for freelancing in the Online Lab our Index published in July, 2018 by Oxford Internet Institute (OII).

Seers Digital brought together a panel of senior leaders and experts from across various industries to discuss and engage with the audience about Pakistan’s dynamic tech industry and to highlight its investment potential.“Tech Pakistan 2019”, provided an insight to the Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists into the future opportunities in the IT services sector of Pakistan.

Co-organiser, Seers Digital’s co-founder, Adnan Zaheer said “We see Pakistan tech ecosystem offers a great opportunity for companies and investors due to its reasonable priced and talented resources.Technology has disrupted industries across the world and boosted economies. We feel that industries in Pakistan are now ready tobe disrupted.

”Seers Digital is a leading software house in the UK and Pakistan that provides software development services to clients globally and helps businesses grow exponentially.

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Wednesday, 12thJune 2019